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Expanding The New Denim Route

Denim mill ORTA expands its ‘New Denim Route’ with an immersive experience that combines storytelling, textural details, and a ‘zenfulness’ experience with the industry’s first VR denim journey. They’re closing the loop on denim impact with transparency, traceability, eco-innovation, and regenerative processes.


ORTA’s VR Experience

Transparency, storytelling, and immersion into the details are at the heart of ORTA’s VR experience. Recognizing that global society is still struggling through the pandemic, they wanted to create a unique, sensory-stimulating experience to engage its guests and partners with its premium collections that are closing the loop with pre and post-consumer cotton fibers. And, they’re breaking paradigms with biodiversity hemp fabrics and earth-derived clay, henna and eco-positive dyes too.

An Extension Of The New Denim Route

The VR journey is the extension of ORTA’s ‘New Denim Route, an industry-leading impact platform developed in collaboration with Muse/VR. It uses the exhilarating and peaceful experience of a hot air balloon ride as its navigation, taking the guest on a scenic route of ORTA’s origins. The journey takes flight from the Bosphorus Bridge, an historical and modern landmark in Istanbul, Turkey that is the point of connection between Europe and Asia.

The balloon then soars towards the enchanted terrains of Cappadocia; then travels through Turkey’s serene terrain Kayseri, a scenic and historic jewel that is also home to ORTA’s eco-leading manufacturing facility; and then towards the majestic Mount Erciyes and the original Silk Route marketplace of Sultanhan Caravanserai.

With a super-real and engaging experience, guests discover in each location the textures, details, and history woven into every eco-positive fabric and natural dyes. ORTA selected VR as its medium to animate in 3D the intimate details and textures. This VR journey will allow guests to roll around in the fabrics in a mindful game-like interaction that lingers in a beautiful location.


Bridging Mindfulness And Discovery As A Denim Experience

The surreal-meets-the-real is the aim of ORTA’s New Denim Route VR Journey, and it was purposely created to bridge mindfulness and discovery as a denim experience. Before they take flight, guests are asked to select a hot-air balloon for their tour. There are five balloons to choose from, and the first one selected will draw the scenic route towards the collection that is featured:

  • Green Balloon tours ORTA’s LCA information (certified Lifecycle Assessment).
  • Brown Balloon tours ORTA’s Eco-Raw Materials including Gen H (Hemp), Organic and Recycled (Pre+Post consumer).
  • Orange Balloon tours the eco-innovative BioAwake collection of natural dyes: Henna. Earth Colors, Halys (Clay).
  • Blue Balloon tours ORTA’s industry-leading Biodiversity sourcing.
  • Multicolor Balloon takes you to ORTA BLU to discover more on ORTA’s Golden Ratio standard of climate action denim and designing towards a world without waste.

Designed To Help With Burnout Symptoms

The VR experience by ORTA not only engages the senses but is designed to help with the ‘burnout’ that so many people are struggling with from WFH (working from home) and SFH (schooling from home). The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized ‘burnout’ as an ‘occupational phenomenon’ and classified it as a health risk.


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Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.