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Orta Presents Feel Light For Spring Summer 2020

Last week Orta showed during Kingpins Show in Amsterdam their upcoming Spring Summer 2020 collection. The collection has the theme Feel Light. It speaks to Orta’s ongoing commitment to their sustainable handprint in everything they make. And to the cultural mindset in today’s tech heavy, 24/7 lifestyle. But more importantly, the new collection continues Orta’s passion for creating superior fabrics with respect for humanity and the planet. It supports their vision of Human2Denim.

These days culture wants total freedom from physical and mental constrictions. This will capture sustainability, freedom, energy, mobility and well-being. We want to be light on our feet but rooted to the ground.

Orta’s Handprint Is Light

At Orta, their handprint is light. The denim mill will continue to invite people everywhere to join their passion for creating the most sustainable fabrics built with love for people and the planet. They have been actively building their proprietary OrtaBlu renewable and sustainable processes into every step they do, in support of the overall circular economy for the past five years.


With Orta’s Stretch Spectrum they capture their leadership in intuitive stretch technology. It’s a new measure of stretch across a continuum an exceptional mobility across a spectrum of both comfort and stretch. A new domain for stretching your potential with Orta’s U-Force and Dynamic Stretch.

  • U-Force

Unlimited stretch with soft compression force on your body’s pressure points. Fabrics under this concept react differently to each body and stretches to your unique body type. Conforms , hugs and holds where your body asks for it.
Boundless stretch with softest hand and intelligent recovery.
Reach the desired elasticity level with 10% less force
. Designed in Orta Lab.


  • Dynamic Stretch

Built in dynamic shaping technology. Strength of fibers allow superior stretch levels. Super scullting, super comfortable and powerful. Fabrics under this concept countour and get you to the shape you desire. Designed in Orta Lab.


65 Years Of Weaving Stories

Archive Chronicles encapsulates 65 years of weaving stories through their fabrics. It’s about the past present and future of denim where they merge them as one. They return to their archive together with The Vintage Showroom to find what is meaningful so that they can carry it with them to their new sustainable future.

Icons Can Never Fade

At Orta, they believe that icons can never fade from their cultural memory. In times of uncertainty, we reach to the best-of-our-past to reinterpret our future.

The 5374 Vintage Archive has formed the backdrop to this project and remains a powerful source of inspiration. Also Orta’s classic fabrics from the last 20+ years.

The first part of the project was a capsule collection of pieces, which have been remade, based on items from the Orta 5374 Vintage Showroom book, with a selection of new fabrics representing them. The collection is being sold at the Denim Days shows and will feature in Vintage Showroom Covent Garden shop over the Premier Vision London dates.

Some highlights of the capsule collection are;

  • Deep White. Get ready for a new dimension of white! Deep White revolutionizes the market for pure white denim that is high-definition. It is woven with strong character and a shapely soft stretch. Now you can wear your whites fearlessly!
  • Wave. Wave is a new generation of denim naturals that are fluid, lightweight and drapey. Think of it as a lighthearted fabric for today’s clean living enthusiasts. Wave captures the airy, free-flowing feel of a summer’s breeze and it re-interprets lightweight denim with a precious twist of natural fibres.


  • Fuse. Fuse embraces the idea of combining things to make it more unique. Fuse captures micro-crafted denim blends and brings together the perfect combination of Orta’s crafted softness and extensive body & fit science blended to deliver supreme flexibility. A new breed of interwoven fibers for the most technical blended denim.


Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.