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The New Denim Route

Deepening its ORTA BLU sustainable handprint commitment to ethical, open, transparent and eco-conscious innovation, ORTA introduces an industry-leading impact platform called the “New Denim Route.” With this supplier and resource platform, ORTA opens its processes, traceability and production so that every brand, every partner and people everywhere can access the origins of the denim they love.


Transparency Is In ORTA’s Genes

Transparency is in ORTA’s genes, and jeans. The story of how a product is made is as important as what it is made of. ORTA’S New Denim Route brings artisan mastery into the eco-innovation of today. It is an open supplier map and resource to share ORTA’s developments in ethical and eco-innovation based on the three T’s of their Transparency ecosystem: TransparencyTraceability and Touch (Human Touch).

Transparent Inside And Outside

Transparency: ORTA has always been transparent inside and outside, and they are continuing to implement new processes to achieve this. For years, ORTA has partnered with key stakeholders, welcomed their clients to stay with them on site of their world-leading factory in Kayseri, with 24/7 access to details involving the production of their denim fabric. They have been the first in many advancements in denim world. With ORTA’s New Denim Route they will continue to lead in openness and sharing of resources, knowledge and information, on all processes and their breakthrough eco-technologies.


Roots In Circularity

Traceability: ORTA’s ethical roots in circularity and transparency are pushing new levels of engagement from farm harvest to fashion purchase. ORTA brings the intel of your denim’s lifecycle in each garment with the Life Cycle Assessment studies. Each material they produce shares raw material supplier information and science-based LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) data related to it, accessible by QR code. They are also collaborating with new traceability systems that use nanotechnology and blockchain to trace fibers from the farm throughout the full product lifecycle.

Touch: ORTA’s accountability includes the human touch. They continue to engage every member of the ORTA family to contribute to ORTA’s sustainability journey. They are investing in real-time transparency, with team members from the Kayseri factory, headquarters in Istanbul, and those still working from home to share their stories and experience. Their aim is to give everyone the opportunity to share their voice and contribute to transparent pledge that ORTA IS ALWAYS OPEN.

The Idea Behind The New Denim Route

The idea for the New Denim Route was born from respect for their roots. Their home, Anatolia, Turkey, has been the bridge between the East and the West trading routes, part of the original Silk Road that opened the world to the trade of goods and services in the 19th Century. They aim to open a new level of trade, craftsmanship and cultural exchange for the 21st Century through ORTA’s New Denim Route. The hub for New Denim Route is Kayseri, the heart of our manufacturing today. ORTA Kayseri continues to be the hub for the exchange of ideas, innovation, artisan wisdom and crafting, the creative development hub between design, manufacturing, production and sustainable innovation.


Dr. Sedef Uncu Aki About The New Denim Route

“If you don’t know where your denim is being made, then it is difficult for designers to work together to fix problems, that is why at ORTA we are OPEN to questions, more transparency and collaboration. Circularity, local sourcing and ethical manufacturing are all part of our ecomodern handprint. By opening the doors to our R&D and factory, we are opening the heart of our production and we are the first B2B denim company in the world to do this. We have always open our doors to our customers, but now we are becoming more transparent by opening up our supplier map and our handprint to our brand partners, designers and people everywhere can get first-hand knowledge about how we are creating ethical denim for the future. Ultimately, it helps us connect with each other and encourage more eco-imaginations to improve our sustainability practices, and ensure denim’s future together,” explains Dr. Sedef Uncu Aki, who leads ORTA’s Denim Sales & Marketing, PD, R&D, Planning and Operations.

Creativity Without Restrictions

In addition to their open transparency and traceability, ORTA’s New Denim Route is about fostering creativity without restrictions. Committed to supporting the next generation of designers, ORTA PRIME is a new premiere membership program that gives designers and design students the freedom to order sustainable and premium quality fabrics with a low minimum order of just 5 metres.



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Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.