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Denim Only Gets Better With Age

It’s no longer a secret that a denim garment is a masterpiece that only gets better with age. It comes into the world crispy and is touched and crafted by many hands from its inception to being created. The new Keeper Culture Fabrics by Orta reflects a colorful past and vibrant future of denim.

orta keeper culture

Each Denim Item Is Like A Masterpiece

When you look at a pair of finished jeans in a retail store, you forget how much skill, expertise, and energy goes into making a garment. How many sets of hands and complicated processes does one item journey go through? From the farmers growing the crops, to the dye masters, to all the different stations on the sewing floor, specialized in making each individual stitch and detail of the garment before it is quality checked and sent out into the world to begin its journey.

Each denim item is like a masterpiece, slowly evolving, never finished. So, at Orta, they see themself just as a part of these masterpieces. Part of the creation. Each denim garment gives a voice to the cultures of yesteryears. But also holds an unsung promise of tomorrow.

orta keeper culture

orta keeper culture

Orta’s Fabrics Are Full Of Vitality

Orta’s Keeper Culture fabrics are full of vitality, reflecting a colorful past and vibrant future. Blended for longevity, to be worn by everyone, with future masterpieces in mind.

They strongly believe denim is meant to be worn a lot. And for many years. They come with an inbuilt promise that every time you wear them you’ll be closer to that timeless legendary look. Like with all great meals and great songs. It’s in the passion. And that’s why their denim is worn on the catwalks to the sidewalks.

orta keeper culture

The Different Fabrics Within Orta’s Keeper Culture Collection

Orta’s Keeper Culture fabrics capture the culture of yesteryears and the unsung promise of tomorrow. Keeper Culture fabrics that reflect a colorful past and vibrant future with celebrating all these blu-retrofuture hashtags in mind.


Rigid character denim, just how you like it! Forever denim looks that intersect both the catwalk and the dance floor; idol and strobe finishes define the denim ministry of club style.

Remix of lo-fi and retro texture for the VR rave-hearted.


Comfort stretch with authentic IRL style.

#TakeItEasy fabrics make every move memorable. Orta master fiber blenders ensure long-life jeans so you can enjoy capturing memories. Bringing you comfort to ensure you can create denim playlists of your life story if fabrics could talk….!


Comfort stretch with 30% elasticity to capture the spirit of any moment. Designed to be worn anywhere and have large amounts of fun.

For slim + sleek moods through to soft + slouchy moments.


Comfort stretch with 30% elasticity. Modulating lightweight stretch that adapts to your current state of mind. Boosts your attitude and remember your curves.


Reclaim the simple pleasures of downtime and create carefree summer memories under the sun. Connects to the restorative power of the sea with cool blue shades for a ‘feel good’ route to living well. It’s always summer somewhere.


Hidden Colored denim from our wonderlab. Designed to delight, indigo-coated colored denim for the curiously conscious. Products that evolve through wear to reveal a mysterious inner self.

orta keeper culture


Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.