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Photo Recap Bluezone Munich Denim Fabric Show

This week I visited a new edition of the trade show Bluezone, part of Munich Fabric Start, in Munich again. Bluezone is a show where designers, product managers, trend watchers can explore the new upcoming denim trends and collections for Fall Winter 2020. As always more than 100 denim mills from all over the world were there to represent themselves and to showcase their latest denim fabric developments.

At the show, you could see the latest denim collections from the mills, trends within the denim industry, but you could also join inspirational lectures and meet likeminded people to get inspired in general. A must-visit for everyone within the industry.

The show was again loaded with so many highlights, but here a just a few snapshots in case you have missed it.

Outside they created again a sort of denim festival with a lot of inspiration initiatives. You could also have a drink and eat something while meeting new and old friends.

One the containers was hosted by Silvia Rancani. Silvia is a former denim developer and owner and curator of The Denim Window in Amsterdam. She has always worked in the denim industry and shared her life with dogs. Read more about Silvia in the previous interview Meet the Person here. Recently she launched The Denim Dog, this was also shown at Bluezone.

The New Heritage Festival by Moritz Fuchs had a great activation with artist Speed Cowboy, painting live on the spot.

Ruedi Karrer, aka Swiss Jeans Freak showed some pieces from his huge archive. The set-up was a sort of denim timeline.

In one of the main halls, The Denim Dock, were next to the denim mills a lot of inspiration talks and lectures.

Just as previous edition I was part of a panel discussion with influencers as Denimhunters, Rugged Style, @kellouhar and Swiss Jeansfreak. This time we did a Q&A during Bloggers Hour.

Monsieur-T was again in charge of the inspiration denim trend area.

A lot of (denim) inspiration at Bluezone.

At the Catalyzer hall was designer Hamansutra live at work creating pairs of jeans. And he was also showing his upcoming project with Alexander McQueen. More about that later.

Denim collector Ruedi Karrer from Swiss celebrated his 60th birthday at Bluezone. (Read more about Ruedi in the interview Meet the Person here.) The fading enthusiasm teamed-up together with Candiani Denim for a very special collaboration. They realized a long cherished dream of Ruedi with making self-created limited edition jeans of 60 numbered pairs. The jeans is designed by Ruedi Karrer, the denim fabric is developed by Candiani, and the jeans are made 100% in Italy by Imjit.

The sales of the jeans go towards the expansion of the Jeans Museum in Zurich, which is owned by Ruedi. To promote this celebration they made a short film about the life and denim passion for Ruedi, which premiered at Bluezone too.

Till the next one!

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.