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Pike Brothers New M-1951 Field And Parka Jackets

Pike Brothers just released the classic M-1951 Field Jacket and the M-1951 Field Parka. Both jackets are made with all the special features like the originals. Available in the authentic olive green colors.

The M-1951 Field Jacket and M-1951 Field Parka.

The Origin Of The M-1951 Field Jacket

The Pike Brothers M-1951 jacket style is also known as the M-51. This jacket was originally used in the U.S. Army and was the successor to the M-1943 Field Jacket. The M-1951 jacket was first developed in the early 1950s to provide excellent freedom of movement, ample storage space, and the capability to accommodate an inner lining. Additionally, the aim was to create a jacket that could be used both in the field and for garrison duty.

pike brothers m-1951

Pike Brothers M-1951 Jacket

The outer of the M-1951 Field Jacket by Pike Brothers is made from a 9oz heavy Poplin fabric. This fabric offers excellent resistance against wind and moisture. The front zipper was secured with a heavy Talon and concealed by a button placket. The inner lining could be attached to the jacket with buttons.

For the zipper, they used an original no. 10 Talon version, and inside the jacket, the authentic size stamps are added. On the front, there are four large exterior pockets and a drawstring for waist adjustment. The jacket is made in Turkey.

pike brothers m-1951

pike brothers m-1951

The Origin Of The M-1951 Field Parka

The M-1951 Field Parka was the further development of the M-1948. When the USA entered the war against North Korea, it quickly became apparent that clothing was needed to withstand the harsh Korean winters. The U.S. army developed a parka with a removable inner lining that was cut large enough to be worn over equipment.

Due to a shortage of wool and cotton, the M-1951 Parka, did not reach Korea in sufficient quantities by the end of the war. Because of its functionality, the parka was very popular and remained in service until well into the 1980s with only slight modifications to its form. Even subcultures like the Mod scene quickly recognized the parka’s good qualities against wind and weather.

pike brothers m-1951

pike brothers m-1951

Pike Brothers M-1951 Field Parka

The outer of the M-1951 Field Parka by Pike Brothers is made with a 100% cotton Poplin fabric. The removable inner quilted lining is made of 100% Polyester. There are two outer pockets on the front, an original Talon zipper, and a cord for waist adjustment. The jacket is made in Turkey.


Written by Wouter Munnichs
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