pike brothersPike Brothers U.S. Army Air Force B-10 Flight Jacket

One of the last additions within the Pike Brothers collection is their U.S. Army Air Force 1943 B-10 Flight Jacket. It was initially introduced as a replacement for the earlier popular leather flight jackets like the A-2s or the B-3s. This jacket style was favored for its sharp appearance and high comfort, so this explains why other branches of the U.S. Forces like to wear it too next to the fighter aces.

Nowadays the B-10 jacket is worn as a casual jacket too, in fact, this jacket is used for all kinds of activities. The originals were worn down by their owners, this explains also the rareness of these originals today.

Details Of The Jacket

The Pike Brothers version of the B-10 jacket features all the original details as an outer shell made of satin cloth, 100% cotton. The lining of the jacket is 100% wool, so warm for colder days. For the collar, they used genuine plush mouton fur.

The cuffs, and the waistband, are made with circular knit. As for size, and manufacturer label, they used an authentic version. The zipper is an original 1940s Talon.


Written by Wouter Munnichs
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