Planq Design Studio Presents Rezign Denim Products

Planq is a Dutch design studio founded by Anton, Dennis and Joris. As young innovators they believe in the power of what design can do. They’re officially one of the Sustainable Young 100 innovators of Holland and stand for bringing sustainable innovation and environmental awareness together.

The custom made products and designs of Planq are nature aware solutions that create value to leftovers and show the power of renewable materials. They do this by making as much as possible use of local resources and recycling of leftovers. They are a passionated young company, always eager for innovations and ready to create a better world for tomorrow. A mindset that fits perfect in the changing mind of consumers which are more aware of what they buy nowadays.

Planq design studio team.

Rezign furniture collection by Planq design studio

The latest development of the Planq design team is their Rezign collection. The products with the Rezign label are made with left over fabrics with a sustainable approach. The Rezign collection contains chairs, tables, bar stools and interior items made of flax, hemp, jute coffee bags and waste textile compressed with biodegradable plastic. The waste textiles are turned into a second life by re-using them.

The Rezign production process.

One of the remarkable items from the Rezign collection are the ones made from old jeans like the coat hangers and denim chair. One chair made of recycled denim will save around 11.700 liters of drinking water.

Dennis Teeuw from Planq says about the Rezign collection: ”With the Rezign collection, we combine timeless design and sustainable materials in highquality products. With the collection we not only want to tell an environmentally responsible story, the products itself are actually part of the waste solution aswell. By reapplying textile and overstock (work)clothing from companies and fashionbrands into high-quality furniture and interiors, we adapt the ‘old costume’ in a circular way to a tailor-made chair.” 

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The old materials are ready for a second life.

Rezign coat hangers.

Denim chair by Rezign.

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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