PME Legends Celebrates 25th Anniversary with PME-333 Collection

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the PME Legend collection they just launced the PME-333 collection. The PME-333 collections honors the authentic clothing carried by the cargo pilots of the legendary Douglas DC-3 airplane. The hard working cargo pilots had to deal constantly with the extreme conditions. The PME-333 collection is workwear inspired from pilots, navigators, mechanics and meteorologists. The PME-333 collection combines nostalgic styles with a contemporary, luxurious look and feel. High-quality items with a perfect balance between style, comfort and functionality. It’s a complete collection, from leather jackets to shirts, sweaters, jeans and cargo pants. Each item tells a unique story, with a deep bow to the rich, cargo heritage of PME Legend.

One of the highlights of the PME-333 collection is the special 25th Anniversary A-2 flight jacket. The original was released around 1934. Because the classic cargo crates didn’t have heated cockpits, the main goal of each pilot jacket was to keep the wearer warm. The 2017 version is made of high-grade pull-up leather and oiled to make it water resistant.

Each item from the PME-333 collection has a label that explains the original story with functions of the jackets. For example, the classic sheepskin bomberjack is designed to hold body heat and provide comfort on long flights. The sleeves are extra rigid to provide airplanes stability and reduce the pressure on their arms during long flights. The new PME-333 version is the ultimate in style; it combines contemporary comfort with authentic functionality.

The PME-Legend PME-333 collection is made in limited numbers, each item is unique numbered, and only available through a few selected stores in the Benelux and Germany.


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About PME Legend

For 25 years, the story of PME Legend is about the last frontier of cargo pilots and their incredible flying machines. These pilots, also known as the ‘cowboys of the sky’, are hardworking, and they demand the same from their workwear. The rugged, functional and long-lasting traits of their flying essentials are echoed in the design standard and premium craftsmanship of every PME Legend collection.

PME Legend is part of the Just Brands company in The Netherlands.

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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