The HepCat store from Lund, Sweden set-up something special for the upcoming release of the new J. Tex record. This new record, Neon Signs & Little White Lies, will be out on 23rd of October, but is also available for pre-order. And, they’re doing the pre-order is style, as you can win some very special prices, Willy Wonka style.

j tex

Golden Ticket

The release of the record contains 300 ‘Neon Lights’ 180 gram vinyls. And, in 8 of the sleeves are included with golden tickets. These tickets are randomly placed, so no one knows where they’re hiding. If you’re one of the lucky ones, each shiny golden ticket is linked to a special price.

The 8 Golden Tickets:

  1. American Trails Magazine: One Year Subscription.
  2. Tellason: A Pair of Jeans.
  3. Red Wing Shoes: One pair of Moc Toe Boots.
  4. Filson: An Original Briefcase.
  5. Garage Bar: An Unforgettable  Night For 2.
  6. Holy Smoke: A Box from the Holy Trail.
  7. Stetson: A Open Road Silverbelly Hat.
  8. Pendleton: A Jacquard Blanket.

j tex

About The Album

This new album by J. Tex is a treasure in itself, live recorded using period equipment, it is the Danish Americana roots musician at his finest. If you hadn’t heard about J.Tex before, then this album will convert you into a believer-prepare to be baptized in the church of his guitar and voice. Jens is a legend in the making, hailing from Copenhagen, but with roots that grow deep in Detroit. His lyrics, style, and passion for music are little bits and pieces of history in the making, homages to the traditions that are the roots and Americana musical genres.

The songs presented here on this album are like constant little reminders that we and the world around us are all works in progress, that with the passage of time, we grow and change, and that there is always room to wonder. Simply put, it’s to just go with the flow.

Throughout the album, Jens is presenting us with dilemmas, childhood memories, the fallacies of our own nostalgia, and existence. The sound of it all has been expertly captured as live recordings at The End Studios in southern Sweden.

Recording engineer Tommy Tift is a wizard at orchestrating the right techniques and equipment in capturing the sound presented here, not to mention utilizing an analog mixing board which has had bands like ABBA produced from its mechanic genius. It all feels so intimate, so raw, like you are sitting in the room as these guys are pouring their hearts out over strings and pedal guitars.

The Songs On The Album

The J. Tex album contains 12 songs, Americana and roots at its core. Its J.Tex at his best.

Side A
1. Broken Rose
2. Neon Signs And Little White Lies
3. This Old Banjo
4. I Told You So
5. Way Down In The Country
6. Rocket Ship

Side B
1.. Drummer Boy
2. Sometimes I Feel Like An Angel
3. Waiting For A Train
4. My Kind Of Town
5. Real Thing Going On In Tennessee
6. This Old Country

j tex

Pre-order Now

You can now pre-order your copy of J. Tex – Neon Signs & Little White Lies here at HepCat store.

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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