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Thousands Of Pairs Are Picked, Packed, And Shipped

Each week at the Red Wing warehouse, thousands of pairs of boots are picked, packed, and shipped in the United States and internationally, providing footwear for customers and retailers around the world. Whether it’s to fulfill an order for e-commerce, Red Wing stores, or a wholesale partner, their warehousing team navigates hundreds of rows of boots and accessories efficiently to pull the right product for all of their Red Wing brands.

red wing shoes

red wing shoes

Meet Inspectors Amanda & Ellie

You’ll find Amanda Amway and Ellie Kinneman at the very last step of the entire line, as they pick and pack Red Wing accessories and carefully inspect every package exterior. The two work in tandem as a seamless, efficient duo, easily pulling hundreds of accessories from the shelves every day.

Both Amanda and Ellie grew up with fond memories of Red Wing Shoes in the community, and a long line of family members who also worked for the company. Amanda’s parents both worked at Red Wing Shoes, and Ellie’s mother worked in the warehouse before moving on to another role within the company. Now, Ellie follows in her footsteps, literally, as a member of the warehouse team.

red wing shoes

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