Reduce Your Stress With The Handheld Sumo

Japanese denim brand Edwin developed a handheld Sumo wrestler stress ball to reduce your stress. This Sumo toy is part of their new collection so you can have a relaxed and zen start of the Spring season. It’s made of 100% Polyurethane, and is simple to use, squeeze and repeat, and repeat, and repeat.

edwin jeans sumo

The Benefits Of Using The Stressball

Using the Edwin Sumo wrestler stress ball can also relieve your arthritis, enhance your emotional stability, reduce your anxiety, lower your blood pressure, improve your concentration and creativity, strengthen your muscles, increase your positive energy and even improve sleep.

edwin jeans sumo

edwin jeans sumo

A Brief Background About Sumo Wrestling

The Sumo wrestling sport originated in Japan, and it’s the only country where it is practiced professionally. It is considered as their national sport, also known as a Gendai Budō, which refers to modern Japanese martial arts. The sport has a history spanning many centuries, and many ancient traditions have been preserved in Sumo. Even today the sport includes many ritual elements, such as the use of salt purification, from Shinto.

Sumo is also practiced as an amateur sport in Japan, with participants in college, high school, grade school, or company workers on works teams. Open amateur tournaments are also held. The sport at this level is stripped of most of the ceremony.

Sumo wrestlers wear Mawashi, which is essentially a thick 30-foot-long belt, that they tie in knots in the back. They have an official thickness and strength requirement. During matches, the wrestler will grab onto the other wrestler’s Mawashi and use it to help them make moves during a match. The Mawashi they wear practicing versus in a tournament is essentially the same except for the material. The different Mawashi that the wrestlers wear differentiates their rank. Top-rated wrestlers wear different colors of silk Mawashi during a tournament, while lower-rated wrestlers are limited to just black cotton.

The Sumo wrestlers are wearing their hair in a topknot, and wax is used to get the hair to stay in shape. Wax is applied to Sumo wrestlers’ hair daily by Sumo hairdressers. The topknot is a type of Samurai hairstyle which was once popular in Japan during the Edo period. The topknot is hard for some foreigners’ hair because their hair is not as coarse and straight as Japanese hair. Once a wrestler joins a stable, he is required to grow out his hair to form a topknot.

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edwin jeans sumo


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