White Oak Legacy Foundation (W.O.L.F.) Denim 101 Classes

The White Oak Legacy Foundation (W.O.L.F.) based in Greensboro NC, is dedicated to preserving the history and promoting the future of denim innovation, and providing valuable denim educational opportunities to the industry. Twice a year W.O.L.F. is offering inspiring and educational Denim 101 classes. The next denim class is scheduled for this upcoming September the 26th and 27th of September.

wolf denim 101 class

Image/leaflet by White Oak Legacy Foundation (W.O.L.F.).

What To Expect At The Denim 101 Class

The Denim 101 class by W.O.L.F. is a two-day course and focuses on fibers, yarn spinning, fabric production, indigo dyeing, and denim finishing (washes and special effects). The classes are taught by denim industry experts with extensive denim experience.

Included in the Denim 101 class are tours to Hill Spinning to observe the conversion of cotton into 100% ring spun yarns and to the White Oak plant where selvage looms continue to weave selvage denim.

The four tenets of the Denim 101 class are:

REMEMBER – museum, history, and the historical site that is White Oak. Innovations in Blue, a display at Revolution Mill, commemorates the 1921 White Oak patent for continuous indigo dyeing.

LEARNDenim 101, history, and new technologies that will shape our future.

MAKE – Two Draper selvage looms making denim on the original (1905) wooden floor weave room at White Oak Plant. One day we may be doing the dyeing with natural indigo on-site as well.

CREATEWhite Oak had many firsts over the years, but one of them very few people know about. In 2008, some key personnel wove the first yarn in the world dyed with foamed indigo. Appropriately, it was selvage denim. CREATE is their innovation and sustainability tenet.

Check out the full program of the Denim 101 class here below.

wolf denim 101 class

Image/leaflet by White Oak Legacy Foundation (W.O.L.F.).

How To Join?

You can join the W.O.L.F. Denim 101 class via their registration link here.


Written by Wouter Munnichs
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