The New Book

The Simple Weave book By Kerstin Neumüller is just published. After her first two books, Indigo – Cultivate dye create (written together with Douglas Luhanko) andMend and Patch, this book is focussed on weaving. So, the first is about indigo, the second is about repairing, and the new one is about weaving. A logical follow-up.

Simple Weave Book By Kerstin Neumüller

The Content Of The Book

The book Simple Weave contains three main chapters. The first chapter is highlighting the basic weaving theory, the second contains more weaving projects ranging from a 5 mm wide band to a 40 cm wide tea towel, and the third chapter is the make your own tools. In this last chapter, Kerstin describes how to carve a heddle, make a backstrap loom, and other useful tools.

For this book, she worked together with photographer Ellinor Hall, a Stockholm-based photographer who made all the beautiful photographs. The illustrations in the book are made by Kerstin herself. For the first time, she draws illustrations for such a big project as her book. She says that she’s very thankful for studying art in high school, the place where she developed her drawing skills. The book is graphically designed by Sebastian Wadsted, and published by Natur and Kultur.

Simple Weave Book By Kerstin Neumüller

Kerstin Neumüller

The Availability Of The Book

The Simple Weave book is available in Swedish bookstores, and you can get a signed copy at Kerstin Neumüller’s website too. At the moment to book is only available in Swedish, but hopefully, it will be very soon available in English too.

Simple Weave Book By Kerstin Neumüller

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