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Three Upcoming Pocket Knives

Last Spring Naked & Famous released their special pocket knives, and after this huge success, it’s time for a follow-up. This Friday they will launch three new Higonokami pocket knives.

naked & famous

The Higonokami Knives

Higonokami is a type of Japanese folding pocket knife originating in 1894 in Miki city, Hyogo Prefecture. These knives are renowned for their simplicity and long-lasting quality. Today there remains only one manufacturer still making authentic Higonokami knives.

A Higonokami knife has a blade that folds into a handle normally made of folded-over sheet metal. When in use, the user can hold their thumb over a lever called Chikiri to prevent the blade from folding. Its unique double-edged V-shaped blade means you can use either side, regardless of the dominant hand.

naked & famous

The Knife Collection

The first Naked & Famous knife has an indigo enamel-coated brass handle. It has an inlaid blue paper steel blade. The enamel is designed to wear and fade away like a pair of jeans, to reveal the brass handle underneath. On the handle, you will find the Naked & Famous logo together with the nude woman with sword illustration while on the other side the Higonokami trademark is used.

The second one is a Sakura Wood Bark wrapped brass handled knife with an inlaid aogami blue paper steel blade. Stamped on the blade you will find the Naked & Famous denim logo.

And the third, but not least, is a special wooden-handled knife made from Bornean Iron Wood. This is a type of wood known for its durability and density, as it will famously sink in water. The blade itself is made from inlaid VG10 steel. Stamped on the handle you will find the brand logo along with an illustration on one side and the Higonokami trademark on the other.

naked & famous

naked & famous

Availability Of The Knives

The Naked & Famous knives have a blade length of 2 7/8″ (7.3 cm) and handle length: 3 3/4″ (9.5cm). The knives are coming with a leather blade sleeve as protection. They will be available this Friday via the online store of the brand, and via selected retailers.

naked & famous

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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