Sneak Preview New Hen’s Teeth Items by Davide Biondi

Last Summer Davide Biondi from Italy launched his new brand Hen’s Teeth. Davide Biondi is known of his very strong graphic design talent in the denim industry. With Hen’s Teeth Davide is combining his years of graphic skills with his passion for denim which turned-out into a very strong new and outstanding concept.

Hen’s Teeth originates from the wish to realize a timeless standard kit of cloths, anything you need contained in a bag. It is based on what history has always considered immortal icons, articles of clothing which are not temporary and, above all, strictly ‘Made in Italy’.

After the very successful launch of the Hen’s Teeth men’s kit Davide developed some new items for men and also a brand new kit for women. The new Hen’s Teeth items will be launched this January during the Selvedge Run show in Berlin. Below some sneak pics and info to get you already in the right mood.

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Davide Biondi, founder Hen’s Teeth, with the men’s kit.

The Hen’s Teeth kit for men contains a pair of socks, bandana, sweater and a pair of selvedge jeans. Read more about this special kit here.

New Hen’s Teeth Men’s Shirts

Davide Biondi developed Hen’s Teeth t-shirts for men. The shirts are made with natural cotton without chemical bleaches or dyes. The colour of the shirts are natural due this process instead of white. The inside of the Hen’s Teeth shirts are sanded which results in a very soft feeling in the inside. This is also very common for baby clothing. The fabric of the shirts are produced in Abruzzo, Italy. The embroidery on the front is done with the classic chain stitching. The back of the shirts have great graphic designs which are done by the man himself, Davide Biondi.

The Introduction of the Hen’s Teeth Women Kit

After the successful launch of the Hen’s Teeth men’s kit Davide Biondi will launch a kit for women too. The concept for the Hen’s Teeth women kit is the same as for men, all you need in one bag. The totebag is made from denim fabric, made in Italy. Just as the men’s kit there’s also a bandana and a pair of high-quality made selvedge jeans in the kit. Instead of a classic crewneck sweater in the men’s kit there’s for women a jersey version included. And as a bonus there’s also a bandana clip in the women kit.

The Hen’s Teeth women kit. 

The Hen’s Teeth Bandana is made of 100% cotton with silk screen printing. The graphics are made by Davide Biondi. The bandana clip is made from real leather with a central rivet. The rivet is stamped and made by hand by Davide Biondi.

The Hen’s Teeth Jersey is made with Italian machines from the ’50’s. This to reach the best quality which was known of this period. Parts of the jersey are made from wool. The jersey contains a Hen’s Teeth logo embroidery.

The Hen’s Teeth Jeans for women is a selvedge jeans. The jeans contains classic details and is made of  15oz Italian selvedge fabric, made with old shuttle looms. The selvage is visible in the external joint of legs and it originates when the pick of the shuttle goes back and forth on the side trimming of the warp. The jeans will age over time and will show your own pattern. It will become one with your lifestyle and thus every pair will get its own unique character. The jeans is also made in Italy.

Explore more of the new Hen’s Teeth items during the upcoming Selvedge Run show in Berlin from 16 till 18 of January. More info about the trade show here.

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.