The New Collections Is Sustainable, Genderless, Seasonless, And Innovative

The new Seasonal collection by denim mill Soorty includes denim and jeans, but this time, all sustainable, genderless, seasonless and innovative. They’re designed and crafted by real people, for real people.

soorty seasonless

Denim As A Power Of Good

The world is changing, and so is the awareness of the impact of our choices that is growing. Fashion is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, in part due to all the resources used in production and the after-effects of clothing ending up in landfills. With tons of clothing thrown away each year after only a handful of uses, the transformation Soorty is driving is only natural.

As Soorty they see DENIM AS A POWER OF GOOD. Their premise is to act socially and environmentally responsible at every step of denim and jeans production, and then take some steps further to give back to communities who have been supporting them, so they can do good simply by doing what they do the best.

This new Seasonless collection is focusing on the change in their perception post-pandemic. During this time, we’ve all gone through a big self-transformation. While some of us could not wait to be back in the high-paced rhythm of our lives, some of us bonded with nature so strongly, that we carry that nature love within us wherever we go now. And considering these major lifestyle changes reflecting consumer behavior, Soorty designed the trans-seasonal and all-inclusive collection to be flexible enough to adapt to them both.

Therefore, Soorty developed two new concepts;

1- Twisted Archives for those who want to live their best city life yet: a journey in time to realize and appreciate the best practices from the past and revisit them with today’s technologies and conscious materials.

2- Call Of The Wild for those who hear nature calling wherever they are and want to stay connected, loyal, and mindful of planet earth with their wardrobe.

soorty seasonless

soorty seasonless

soorty seasonless

A Detailed Look At The Concepts

The new Soorty Seasonless collection features different groundbreaking concepts such as;

Twisted Archives: Honoring the past, embracing the present, writing the future. Clear, classic, timeless pieces that just work and add value.

Longevity: Durable, responsible, and made to last products. Fabrics and garments that are built stronger to last longer, offering functional and emotional durability to sincerely bring sustainability to our wardrobes.

Heavier Weight: The weight of denim matters as it affects how a garment feels to wear & how durable it is. Typically (but not necessarily) a heavier fabric is constructed denser with more yarn and is more durable. While their yarn and spinning technologies allow us to offer highly durable fabrics with less weight for consumers who want to have their clothes feel lighter, this season they’re exploring our capabilities and options on the heavier side too.

Future Vintage: An array of authentic-looking and performing denim products made with today’s technology to be the vintage of tomorrow; using less of what is limited while making the best and the most use of it. Reacting well to laser as well as being the perfect canvas for today’s responsible technologies that radically reduce the need for water, chemicals, and energy while prevailing stories of heritage look beyond genders, trends, and fits.

Supreme Well-Being: Sustainable wardrobe-essentials developed with innovative smart technologies, what was once waste and bio-engineered materials. Quality, functionality, and purpose – all at once. Supreme Well-Being prioritizes responsible material and process choices, comfort, and attention to detail to complement your sense of self and sense of all.

C2C: Being the pioneer of the industry in this circular vision by being the first to achieve C2C accreditation vertically – in both fabrics and garments, they’re continuing to build on their C2C archive with a wide range of fabric and garment options from light to heavyweights in a variety of constructions and silhouettes.

Their latest addition is C2C with hemp, which not only helps us in the circularity journey but also adds a value of strength and durability to fabrics.

Redream: Made to last doesn’t have to mean here forever. Responsibly using what was once considered waste instead of virgin materials to avoid extra stress on the environment, and bringing together a blend of reused, repurposed, and recycled materials to avail smart resourcing and circular design in denim. Welcoming waste as a resource, with Soorty’s state-of-the-art recycling unit, they’re able to offer products with highly repurposed content.

Call Of The Wild: For those who feel the breeze, smell the air, hear the waves within. Post-pandemic, building a bridge between the city life and outdoors.

Timeless products. Solid silhouettes. Considered Design. Trans-seasonal clothes that one can dress up or down.

Nature’s Patterns: Responsible dyeing and coating options on cotton-less fabrics. An artisanal yet highly responsible touch reframing old times into a new day to offer the perfect fabric base ideal for both casual uniforms and planetary explorers.

Color Theory: Overdye like you know, done responsibly. Their smart and responsible technology for making art with denim while keeping their impact on the environment and society minimal.

It is a responsible over-dyeing technique that utilizes ozone and has ecru, black, and indigo denim as a canvas.

Cascara: Simplified processes that minimize their dependency on natural & limited resources, lowering our impact, and keeping things clean. Fabrics are designed to wash off easily without needing a heavy treatment for authentically worn-in looks, this revolutionary method not only reduces the amount of water used but also the load on our effluent treatment while still providing the true denim aesthetics.

Cottonless and Cottonfree: Authentic looks, adaptable compositions. Curated nature for today’s conscious consumer who needs less but cares more. Variable blends and compositions offer different comfort levels, hand feels, textures, and any other attributes you can expect from your jeans.

Stretch Without Stretch: Wear comfort and long-lasting freedom of movement without the use of spandex. Mechanical stretch comes from construction and composition; engineered with a special yarn technology.

Brushed Back: Comfortable, Warm, and Welcoming. For those who want to explore themselves and nature a bit more, brushed-back fabrics offer a warm, smoothing & motivating welcome as the city merges with the outdoors.

soorty seasonless

soorty seasonless

soorty seasonless

soorty seasonless

Explore The New Seasonless Collection By Soorty

You can explore the new Seasonless collection by Soorty this week during the Kingpins trade show in Amsterdam at Sugar City or view it digitally on their communication Future Possibilities.

Watch the campaign Seasonless campaign video here;

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.