Soorty Project: Recreating Denim Fades The Most Eco-Friendly Way

A few weeks ago I went to Soorty’s NASDA Lab in Çorlu, Turkey for a special denim project together with Thomas Stege Bojer from Denimhunters.

Soorty is Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated denim company started it’s business in 1983 and expanded it’s business with a denim division in the year 2007. The NASDA Lab is a modern, and high technical, denim lab where they create samples, and capsule collections, for their (denim) clients, so all the stages to produce a pair of high-quality jeans can be done in this unique facility.

How The Project Started

During the last edition of denim fabric show Bluezone in Munich, we kicked-off this project with the Soorty team. As raw denim enthusiasts, we were both wondering if it’s possible to recreate our favorite jeans and fades with the most sustainable materials and methods available at Soorty’s NASDA Lab. Jeans with the same authentic look and feel via environmentally conscious production. They were immediately enthusiastic about the idea, and didn’t have to think twice to go for this ‘denim challenge’.

Unwashed Raw Pairs Of Jeans

Our favorite pairs started both as unwashed jeans and wore them for a few years each day to create our wear pattern. A pattern that shows both our way of life as the fades on the jeans shows our behavior. Our raw pairs of jeans started as a blank canvas but changed during the years into a sort of blue denim dairy. It became our ‘second skin’.

The pair of Thomas is from Indigofera, while mine is from Eat Dust. The Indigofera jeans have a typical, and beautiful, blue indigo color, and the Eat Dust jeans have a more green cast look. A look which you don’t see each day, which makes this jeans extra special.

The Aim Of Our Collaboration

With this project, we’re aiming to design a project that will be informative, transparent, fun and honest all at the same time. Another aim is also to give people (more) insight into the production process of making a pair of jeans with an authentic look in a responsible way. This as the conscious group of denim people, consumers and people within the industry, is growing each day.

Our project will highlight transparently the multiple steps involved in making a pair of responsible jeans, this time from the end to the beginning. So, from denim fabric to jeans production, to finishing.

The Outcome Of The Collaboration

We decided to capture our collaboration from our travel, and experiences on a documentary-like video series. It ended up in a series with three different episodes. The first episode can be watched here below, and the other two episodes will be published early next year.

Next to Long John, the episodes will be published on Denimhunters, but also on Soorty’s site Future Possibilities.

Enjoy our denim adventure in the first episode, and learn more about the production of a pair of jeans in an environmentally friendly way by Soorty.

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.