red wingTales From Behind The Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam Store Counter

It’s Red Wing Wednesday, so a new tale from behind the Red Wing Shoes store counter. In previous articles you could already read the tales from Red Wing Shoes ViennaRed Wing Shoes Frankfurt, Red Wing Shoes Berlin and Red Wing Shoes London. Today the tales from the Amsterdam store will be re-published from the printed Red Wing Shoes Post which came out in 2016.

The tales are told by Mitch de Vries, Red Wing Shoes Store Amsterdam.

red wing amsterdam

Mitch de Vries, Red Wing Shoes Store Amsterdam.

The Tales By Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam

The Red Wing Shoe Store in Amsterdam is a place of coming and going, so Mitch, store manager since 2011, has seen a lot of faces over the years. Young boys buying their first pair of Red Wing shoes, old-timers coming in for their fifth pair and entire families in Red Wing Shoes. Most of them consider Red Wing Amsterdam to be more than just a store and often visit again.

“During the five years I’ve been working at the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam, the place has become like a second home to me. I think that’s important to maintain passionate about your job. And I don’t consider something ‘home’ if it isn’t filled with all the things I love. Over the years, my passion for good coffee, equally good music and custom build motorcycles has dragged in some likeminded people. Creative ones, with a craving for fashion, good quality and adventure. People with stories to share. That’s the great thing about a store like this, it draws in people with a certain lifestyle. Sometimes the place looks more like a local hangout than an actual store. There’s always great tunes playing and abundant conversations going on. That’s how a lot of our customers actually turned into great friends.”

“We get a lot of first timers in the store. Some people are just wandering through the 9 streets area and step in out of curiosity, others wind up here completely by accident. But every once in a while, we get a guest that has been planning his visit for a while already. I remember a 16-year old boy that stepped into our store one particularly sunny afternoon. He was dedicated to buy his first pair of Red Wing shoes that day and had been saving up for them for quite some time. While most first timers pick a very iconic shoe like a Moc Toe for their fist pair, I was surprised to see this boy’s pair of choice was the 2966 Engineer Non Steel Toe in Black Klondike – the most rugged and sturdy Red Wing boot in the store. It was obvious the boy had laid aside all of his earnings, as he brought a bag full of coins and a pile of small bills to pay for his new boots. I remember how happy he was when he walked away with the boots he had dreamed of for so long. The kid was so young and had worked so hard for his first pair. That has to be one of my most memorable sales ever.”

Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam
Reestraat 15
1016 DM Amsterdam

Follow the store also on Instagram: @redwingamsterdam.

red wing amsterdam

red wing amsterdam

red wing amsterdam

red wing amsterdam

red wing amsterdam

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