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The Lee 101 Key Jeans

The Lee 101 collection is the premium collection of the American denim brand. Each season, archival styles within the long history of the brand are brought back to life again. Sometimes exactly made as back in the day, and sometimes tweaked with a more modern approach. Always with that typical Lee signature and high-quality approach to be sure your item will last long. In fact, they will get better with age, especially when zooming in on their denim styles. So, Let’s shine a spotlight on the three main key jeans styles within the Lee 101 collection for this Fall-Winter ’23 season: Lee 101 Rider, 101 S, and 101 Z.

Lee 101

The Rigid Selvedge Fabrics

All the key fits of Lee 101 are produced with a top-notch Japanese selvedge denim fabric. Rigid (dry) so you can wear the jeans yourself from scratch to create your own wear pattern. They’re made with the so-called 89 fabric. This specific signature 15oz fabric is woven on an authentic shuttle loom with the typical Lee lefthand twill fabric. This fabric is known for its extremely soft feeling over time, showing a single-line selvedge ID.

The 89 selvedge fabric is dyed multiple times in indigo resulting in a deep indigo color. The yarns are specially ring-spun in Japan. This is to reach a higher quality finish that is strongly connected to the superior quality of the Lee 101 collection. More about this selvedge fabric in a previous article about the strong connection between Lee 101 and Japanese selvedge fabrics can be read here.

The Black And Washed Versions

Next to the original unwashed blue versions, this season Lee 101 offers these three key styles also in a rigid black denim and a washed version. The washed version is the perfect companion for those who want to wear a vintage look jeans from day one. Meet the three key jeans fits!

  • 101 Rider

The 101 Rider jeans style is the iconic fit within the collection. It’s the first slim jeans ever produced by the Lee brand and therefore a cornerstone of the denim brand. The Rider jeans come with a zipper closure, something typical for Lee as they were the first denim manufacturer that entered the market with a zipper in a pair of blue jeans.

The Lee 101 Rider comes with a clean finish and details such as the contrast thread in golden tones and a faded metal button complete the distressed aesthetic.

Lee 101

  • 101 S

The Lee 101 S is the classic regular jeans style and in the collection for countless years. This style is made with a mid-rise with a tapered leg. It comes with a button closure, like a true champ. And, same as the Lee 101 Rider jeans, this pair is smoothly finished too showing a white and blue selvedge ID. Suitable to wear for all kinds of footwear, whether it’s a sturdy pair of boots or sneakers.

Lee 101

  • 101 Z

The 101 Z is the original authentic zip-fly jeans. It’s one of the headlights of the collection and is made with a relaxed fit. This pair has been worn by many legends and Cowboys during all the years as it features all the needs for a sturdy pair of jeans. Replicated by many, but this champ is never beaten!

Lee 101

Images in the article are provided by Lee.

Explore the full Lee 101 collection here: https://eu.lee.com/uk-en/lee101-inspire.html

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.