A short introduction of Thomas Stege Bojer

It was in 2011 that Thomas Stege Bojer started his denim blog , Denimhunters. At the time, Thomas worked part time during his studies in a denim store in Copenhagen called Brund. His denim interest became bigger and bigger as he worked with the blue gold. And his blog Denimhunters became one of the most popular online sources for denim knowledge.

Thomas Stege Bojer

A few years later, he decided it was time for the next step. He wanted to use all his denim knowledge and had the idea of making his own book. Last year, he teamed-up with the publisher Gestalten to make his dream come true. After only 9 months of working on the book while doing consulting work for Bestseller and running his blog, he launched ‘Blue Blooded – Denim Hunters and Jeans Culture’.

Blue Blooded – Denim Hunters and Jeans Culture

Next step

As Blue Blooded was very successfully launched, Thomas was again ready to take yet another step. As it’s second nature for him to teach and educate people with his vast knowledge and experiences from all the active denim years, he thought it would be time to set up the first independent online denim academy. The Denimhunters Academy is planned to launch this upcoming July.

What is the Denimhunters Academy all about?

The core idea of the Denimhunters Academy is to educate people who work with denim and jeans. The Denimhunters Academy is a subscription-based online staff training platform. It’s sort of like Netflix for learning about denim, Thomas says.

The goal of the Denimhunters Academy is to provide more knowledge about denim and jeans to denim professionals. Learners can use this knowledge while working in stores, for marketing purposes, and even for designing. Basically, the platform teaches you everything you need to know to give the ‘right’ advice to your customers and to become a true expert in the denim industry.

With the Denimhunters Academy, Thomas will share his denim knowledge to a wide audience and reach people worldwide through courses and weekly updates, which he calls member resources. The first course that the Denimhunters Academy will launch with, titled Denim 101, will give you essential insights into the history of denim, how to sell denim and jeans, how it’s made, the fits and sizes, the different cotton and fabrics, and much more.

The Denim Academy Course

As I just mentioned, the first Denimhunters Academy course is titled Denim 101. The course consists of 5 modules, and a total of around 25 lessons. Each lesson focuses on an essential piece of denim knowledge, condensed into an approx. 5-10-minute video. Here’s an overview of the Denim 101 course:

  • Denim history
  • How jeans are made
  • How denim is made
  • Defining features of jeans
  • How to sell jeans (customer guidance about fit, washing, etc.)

For the future, Thomas plans to launch at least one new course per year, probably more. Based on demand, the scope can be broadened to also introduce content that it’s solely about denim. This could be for example be leather and other textiles. But think also about unique brand profiles.

With the weekly member resources, you can stay up to date about what’s going on in the denim world, and get more details about the topics covered in the courses. Thomas plans to make the member resources a mix of more traditional written content (like the blog posts he’s been publishing lately), research papers, ebooks, infographics, webinars, audio and video interviews, exclusive behind-the-scenes material as well as a podcast.

Thomas Stege Bojer about the Denimhunters Academy

How to become a Denimhunters Academy member

You can join the Denimhunters Academy today, for free, by creating an account here. This gives you access to the platform, and you’ll be able to get a preview of the content. Thomas has made 3 pilot lessons that give you a taste of what the course will be like.

But Thomas can’t survive on free members only. He needs your help to pay for the production of the content. That’s why he’s crowdfunding the first Denim 101 course, which will get the platform launched.

You can become one of the first to get full access to the Denimhunters Academy once it launches in July – and you’ll get a special deal if you sign up now! The regular price for a 1-year subscription is €497, so there’s a lot of money to be saved here. You can go for a single user at €297 or you can join with your whole denim team and colleagues. Please check all the recommend crowdfunding packages for Denimhunters Academy below. If you need a tailored offer, you can also reach out to Thomas directly here.

The Denimhunters Academy options

Help Thomas launch the Denimhunters Academy

To realise his next denim dream, Thomas needs your help! The more denim enthusiasts will join the more successful the Denimhunters Academy will be. So secure your full access membership of the Denimhunters Academy today! Become a crowdfunder here.

Behind the scenes shots filming the Denimhunters Academy

All pictures by Brian Engblad

Go for more Denimhunters Academy info to: www.denimhunters.com

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.