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New Innovative Technology

Naveena Denim Mills has launched its new innovative technology, SELF-FIT denim. This ground-breaking technology offers brands, end-consumers, and the environment several benefits. Furthermore, it also reduces wrongly sized (ordered) products and returned goods drastically.

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The Online Return Trend Accelerated By The Pandemic

E-commerce has been gaining ground recently. And, this trend has been accelerated by the pandemic last 1,5 years. Restrictions, store closures, and health concerns gave a boost to sales through online channels. But this change also highlighted the importance of returned goods and their environmental and financial impact.

According to Statista, 48% of online shoppers said they returned an online order in the last 12 months. In the U.S. alone, Statista estimates that return deliveries cost $550 billion in 2020, 75.2% more than four years prior. Worse, that number doesn’t include restocking expenses nor inventory losses.

In the US, 21% of product returns were clothing items in 2020. According to Return Magic, consumer preference-based return reasons (e.g., size, fit, style, etc.) tend to drive around 72% of all returns in fashion product categories. The top reasons for returns were about the size and fit by 52% in total.

Returns are the new normal and central to customer experience. But they don’t have to be any more thanks to new textiles offered by fiber and fabric manufacturers. New sizing systems help brands offer products that fit different body types and sizes at the same time, guarantee comfort and help to prevent huge quantities of unsold items to be sent to landfills.

naveena self-fit

Always Searching For New Opportunities To Reduce Environmental Impact

Naveena is always actively searching for new opportunities to reduce their environmental impact to achieve a better and cleaner world. Therefore, they’re using sustainable raw materials, sustainable processes, and recycled materials in their production processs. With their HOLISTIC DENIM concept, they take into account all these elements to provide a maximum positive impact.

While these efforts are very important, Naveena has realized that the increasing online product returns are a huge problem for the industry, for consumers, and the environment.

So, Naveena thought the number one element of their reduction strategy should be all about removing the causes of returns. The top reasons for returns are the sizing and fit of a pair of jeans. Consequently, Naveena introduces SELF-FIT.

naveena self-fit

The SELF-FIT Technology

Naveena’s SELF-FIT technology, part of WRAPTECH 2.0 fabrics, offers products that fit different body types and sizes at the same time, guarantee comfort and help to prevent product returns, and decrease the number of unsold items to be sent to landfills.

This unique technology offers a very effective cure against return numbers due to sizing issues saving retailers a lot of money but also giving them more flexibility and foresight in terms of inventory management.

WRAPTECH 2.0 fabrics are the fruit of many years of research. Thanks to yarn engineering, and LYCRA® fibers and in particular LYCRA® T400, they minimize the level of constraint against the body, providing an amazing level of flexibility, comfort and freedom to move.

SELF-FIT fabrics have a particular addition: one-size-fits-more. One-size-fits-more concept is a part of the Science of Fit platform of The LYCRA Company. Test results from the labs at The LYCRA Company show that SELF-FIT fabrics enable garments to perform 2 sizes up and down.

naveena self-fit

Size Inclusivity with SELF-FIT

More and more brands are keener about offering so-called size-inclusive jeans. Jeans that can adapt themselves to different body types and make the wearer feel more confident.

We all want to fit in a pair of jeans, that’s a human thing, but society tells us something is wrong with us if we fail to be part of the group. Thus, fitting in and feeling comfortable with ourselves is important.

Being fashionable has always been a criterion for fitting in throughout the years. But for Naveena, the truth is feeling comfortable in our clothes and ourselves is the most important and eternal rule of fashion. Humans are diverse, as denim styles. Slick silhouettes to more relaxed and voluminous, we are all united in diversity.

SELF-FIT fabrics are here to remind us that if you are yourself, you’ll fit right in. The message by Naveena is: “Don’t focus on fitting in, focus on standing out by being yourself!”

naveena self-fit

The Benefits From SELF-FIT

The SELF-FIT by Naveena provides several benefits for everyone. For consumers, this means, a pair of SELF-FIT jeans fits 2 sizes up to and down, so it is adaptable to any silhouette, and provides excellent shape retention and recovery.

For brands, the revolutionary technology means fewer product returns, less restocking expenses, and better inventory management.

And last, but certainly not least, for the environment, SELF-FIT means fewer carbon emissions from transportation and durable and long wear life garments for everyone.

The SELF-FIT Video

For the promotion of the SELF-FIT technology, Naveena created a must see video, which can be seen here;

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