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The Lee 101 Washed Denim Styles

Lee 101 is known for their classic designs that are inspired by their archival pieces. To stay true to the originals, the core of the collection is made with rigid (unwashed) denim fabrics. Just like back in the day when every denim garment was worn from scratch. Over time, these items were shaping and aging to the wearer’s body type and it reflected the wearer’s lifestyle. Like a canvas that is constantly changing.

Later, laundries opened their doors to replicate worn-in pairs of jeans and jackets. To achieve the most authentic washings, original pairs, and jackets were used as references. Now, for this Fall-Winter 2023 season, Lee 101 developed unique washed versions of their iconic styles such as the 101 Rider, 101 S, 101 Z, and even the 101 Rider jacket. Inspired by their vintage archival styles, but made for those who want to wear a jeans or jacket with that cool look from day one.

Let’s highlight the 4 washed styles within the Lee 101 for this Fall-Winter ’23 collection that came out beautifully as true champions.

The Lee 101 Rider is the first slim-fitted pair of jeans with a zip fly invented by Lee. An icon with a mid-waist and straight through the leg that is made this season in a heavyweight 15oz mix of organic and recycled cotton selvedge fabric. The jeans are crafted in a left-hand weave, something typical for Lee.

The finish of the jeans is a light blue with heavy distressed sections that make the thigh to the knee almost pure white There is marbling on the waistband and seams, with crease lines adding dimension. The trimmings include the Lee 101 button, rivets, and warm brown stitching.

The Lee 101 S is the brand’s regular-fitting jeans style with a button fly. A classic and timeless piece that is now also available in a heavyweight 15oz selvedge denim fabric, made with a mix of organic and recycled cotton. Of course, also made with that super soft left-hand weave twill, also called the S-twill.

The finish takes a dark blue denim that is heavily washed down to create large highlight areas on the thigh and knee with crease lines added to the top block to create a vintage weathered look. The orange contrast stitches and brass style Lee 101 button signs off this look.

The Lee 101 Z jeans is the most authentic fit within the premium collection of the brand. This relaxed-fitted jeans is made with a zipper, hence the name 101 Z.

The selvedge denim fabric used for this jeans is also a heavyweight 15oz mix of organic and recycled cotton. With the left hand twill it sticks close to the original. Even the finish is authentic as the dark blue denim is also heavily washed down to create that look if the jeans have already been worn for many years. To top it off, it’s made with orange contrast stitches and a brass-style Lee 101 top button.

lee 101

The Lee 101 Rider jacket is a champ in itself. Since its release at the end of the 1940s, this denim jacket style can’t be missed in any men’s wardrobe. This heritage-inspired classic is built on the template of the brand’s iconic original with its angled yoke, front seams, and zig-zag stitching through the placket.

Like the matching washed pairs of Lee 101 this season, the fabric of the jacket is also a 15oz mix of organic and recycled cotton. Crafted on an original shuttle loom, so showing a selvedge ID on the left-hand fabric. With the heavily washed-down icy finish, this jacket looks like it was already worn by many legends. The details on the jacket, such as the contrast stitching and brass buttons make it complete, together with the Lee logo that is added in black and gold on the curved pocket flap to the left of the chest. A true winner!

All the images are provided by Lee.

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.