The OshKosh B’Gosh Brand

The story of the OshKosh B’Gosh brand started in the United States more than one hundred years ago in 1895. The brand was established in OshKosh, Wisconsin, USA for the manufacture of sturdy bib overalls for farmers, workers on the US railroad, and industrial workers. A brand with a long denim history.

OshKosh B’Gosh

OshKosh B’Gosh

OshKosh B’Gosh

A Brief History Of The OshKosh B’Gosh Brand

In 1910, OshKosh B’Gosh began making pint-sized versions of its adult workwear and overalls so that proud parents could dress their children ‘just like children’. OshKosh B’Gosh children’s wear was established with the slogan, “Work Clothes for Dad, Play clothes for Sonny” and saw the launch of one of the most recognized children’s wear products the world over, the classic hickory stripe overall.

Since the 1960s, the brand introduced its full range of children’s wear. As it became such a success, they switched their business from adult workwear to children’s wear in the late 1960s and 1970s. The highlighted pair in the article is probably one of the last productions of the time they were fully focused on men’s wear.

The OshKosh range of children’s wear is now the most popular children’s wear label in the USA. In 1995, they celebrated their 100th anniversary milestone.

In 2005, OshKosh B’gosh joined the Carter’s family of brands. Together, OshKosh B’gosh and Carter’s are two of the oldest, largest, and most-recognized brands of baby and children’s apparel in the world.

The rest of the OshKosh is history and their denim story continues these days…



The Vintage OshKosh B’Gosh Denim Farmers’ Pants

The OshKosh B’Gosh denim farmers’ pants shown in the article were produced in the 1960s/1970s. It was found in an abandoned 100+ year old farmer house near Washington, Missouri, U.S.A. The Washington city is named after George Washington, who was an American military officer, and politician who served as the first president of the United States from 1789 to 1797.

In the farmhouse, many other old denim workwear styles were found as well. This pair of OshKosh B’Gosh denim farmers pants were luckily rescued before the farm house was demolished.

The Details Of The Pants

The huge OshKosh B’Gosh denim pants with a 25-inch waistband is heavily worn and is repaired multiple times by hand. You can also see many tracks of heavy work with a brownish hue on the surface of the pants. Even the closure is repaired by hand. The green OshKosh B’Gosh top button is aged with heavy oxidation. So, two different colors of green are coming together. There’s also a zip, which isn’t working anymore. Probably because it was exposed to many years of moisture in the old farmer’s house.


The Back Of The Pants

On the back of the pants, there are two large back pockets. One of the back pockets features the OshKosh B’Gosh woven label. It shows that the pants are Union Made and made of a Sanforized denim fabric. This means that the pants will shrink around 1 to 3% after the first wash. If it wasn’t made of a Sanforized denim fabric, an Unsanforized denim fabric shrinks up to around 10% after the first wash. This kind of fabric is also known as loom state or shrink-to-fit. More about these kind of denim fabrics can be read here.

Also on the back, there’s a hammer loop attached to one pocket, while the other pocket features a tool pocket. The side seams of the pants are triple-stitched for extra durability. Something that is quite standard on original worker pants.

A great pair of American denim workwear that served many years in the fields in Missouri, the U.S.A.



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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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