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The holiday season is coming closer as it’s already the 1st of December today. Sometimes it hard to pick the right gift for your beloved ones, or for yourself ; ) but luckily 877 Workshop are making the perfect unique products. Time to sit down with Sylvia and Daniel Janssen, the couple that manufacture since 2012 forgotten crafts and techniques with their brand, to highlight their favorite Top 10 Holiday Season Gift Guide.

877 Workshop crafts everything by hand in their atelier in Hamburg, Germany. Always in mind to create unique pieces which are vintage-inspired and with a time contemporary look. The good thing is that most of their items can be personalized too, which makes them extra special.

877 workshop

Top 10 Gift Guide

  • 1) Brass Pin

The handcrafted are made from solid brass. There’re two versions, Solid Goods and Tools (graver and hammer). You will get 1 pin, which you can choose from the menu on their site. They are 20 mm (0,78″), and can be worn on your favorite denim jacket to make it look extra cool.

877 workshop

  • 2) Merino Beanies

The Merino beanies are a classic watch cap with a handcrafted brass Tiny Skull badge. The cap is knitted in Germany from best 10-thread Merino wool. Due to circular knitting the fit is just perfect with a superior feel and quality. Merino wool is softer than virgin wool, warms and isolates very well.

You can choose your favorite color: black, grey, dark-blue or red.

877 workshop

  • 3) Stella Maris Necklace Gold

The Stella Maris is small, but heavy sold 14ct gold. It is embossed with the antique Stella Maris badge. Stella Maris (lat. star of the sea) is an ancient title for the Virgin Mary. She is the female patron saint of the sailors, symbolizing the North Star which directs the navigator through the sea, in the figuratively sense, through ‘sea of life’. The embossing form was hand engraved in 1905 in Pforzheim, Germany.

You can choose between a short or long necklace. And, you can even engrave the badge up to 3 uppercase letters or numbers.

877 workshop

  • 4) Custom Stenciled Mug

A classic white enamel mug with custom black stencil lettering. You can customize your mug with 8 uppercase letters or numbers in one row. The stencil machine does not offer this: &, /, !, ?, #, @, or other punctuation, symbols, illustrations etc.

The stencils are cut with a vintage machine which was used in the past for marking bags and barrels in the Hamburg harbour. They use the traditional enameling technique: they paint directly on the cup and then bake it with more than 850° Celsius in the enamel oven ensuring a smooth and long-lasting glossy finish. The paint on rim and handles is also handpainted.

877 workshop

  • 5) Driver Keychain

A solid brass fish hook with a rough hand engraved checkered pattern with a solid brass St. Christopher pendant, heavy duty keyring and leather straps. It is also available with a fish hook without the checkered engraving.

St. Christopher is widely known as the Patron Saint of Travellers. Saint Christopher medals were worn in the 60’s and 70’s by surfers, adventurers, racing drivers and car enthusiast like Steve McQueen as a good luck charm. The brass fish hook is made in Japan.

877 workshop

  • 6) Horsehoe Necklace

A small solid sterling silver Horseshoe charm with Japanese beads on short or long sterling silver necklace. It is vintage patinated for an original and old look.

877 workshop

  • 7) Blitz Socks

The 1970s style skate socks are woven with yellow and black stripes. They’re embroidered with a lightning bolt and 877 on the side. You can choose between two sizes: 39-42 or 43-46. The socks are made in Poland.

877 workshop

  • 8) Custom Chainstitch Embroidered Bandana

The black or red classic paisley bandana can be made with a custom embroidery. Your individual word or motto is stitched with a rare chain stitching machine from 1920. This machine is operated freehand by turning a crank handle so they can literally write stitched lines on the fabric. Each embroidery is one of a kind with a great handcrafted vintage look.

You can use maximum 3 words, 2 numbers (no symbols, no words in uppercase letters). And, you can choose 10+ colors of thread.

877 workshop

  • 9) Hand Engraved Vintage Coin Necklace

An old original coin from the USA (five-cent nickel aka Indian Head Nickel aka Buffalo Nickel). The vintage nickel is a five-cent piece that was struck by the United States Mint from 1913 to 1938. It was designed by sculptor James Earle Fraser.

You can choose between the Native American or Buffalo for the front and these different hand engravings for the back:

– Liberté
– No guts No glory
– So far so good
– Further
– Hold fast
– Fear not
– Family
– Stay strong

The engraving is cut by hand with a sharp graver into the coin. The pendant comes on a short or long 925 Sterling Silver necklace. It is vintage patinated.

877 workshop

  • 10) Custom Engraved Signet Ring

A masculine signet ring with a plain signet plate and vintage style finish. You can personlize it with a personal engravure. The personal motif is cut freehand with a sharp graver into the metal. The place for the engravure is quite small with around 11 mm x 11 mm (L 0.51″ x H 0.51″), that means the motif must be clear, simple and concise. The ring is made of solid sterling silver.

877 workshop

Shop your holiday season gift here: www.877workshop.com

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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