Listen to this great sound of this Toyoda shuttle loom! For those who don’t know the history story about the Toyoda Loom, here you are;

The Toyoda automatic loom was produced in Japan around 1924, by Sakichi Toyoda. The Type G, state of the art automatic loom, was hugely popular worldwide, and was produced in a licensed version by the British company, Platt Brothers. The commercial success of the Type G underpinned the expansion of the Toyoda company, which expanded into car production, under the name Toyota, in 1937. Toyoda shuttle looms are used by most if not all the major Japanese mills, such as Kurabo and Kaihara. Rumours that these companies use Draper looms are ludicrous; looms are complex, heavy items, and there would be no reason to import an American loom to Japan, given the huge number of Toyoda looms already installed.

Written by Wouter Munnichs
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