The story of Ullac jeans

The brand new Ullac jeans brand by Christopher Lynd and Gavin Weigh is just launched. Christopher and Gavin both grew up together in Northern England and always struggled to find the quality of denim they love. They both went ahead and built flourishing careers but decide over a beer to pack it all in and pursue of dream of making truly accessible and affordable super premium denim.

The Ullac jeans are made in Italy, in a place called Urbania, about two hours east of Bologna. In the past Urbania was known as ‘Denim Valley’. The whole town specialised in denim and it produced some of the worlds best jeans. Over the years the output of the town declined as the bigger brands moved production to parts of the world that could churn their jeans out faster and cheaper. All the denim skills and knowledge stayed in Urbania. The factory that makes the Ullac jeans has been in the family for generations.

The business model of Ullac jeans is to deliver directly to the end-consumer through their webshop. This to cut down the overheads and to offer their jeans for a competitive price. The price point is very sharp for this high-quality European made pair of selvage jeans. The first Ullac run contains only 300 pairs.

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Details of the Ullac jeans

The fabric of the Ullac jeans comes from the legendary and sustainable denim Candiani mill from Italy. The fabric is a heavy 16oz redline selvage fabric. The fabric of every Ullac jeans is raw, so with wearing you will create your own pattern. This makes every pair more unique and personal.

The Ullac jeans freeze to clean bag

Every pair of Ullac jeans comes in a freeze to clean, sailcloth bag. Every now and than its good to fresh your pair of jeans. Their are several options to clean your beloved jeans. Ullac jeans prefer to put your pair in the freezer. In their own words Ullac says this about the freezer method;

”Jeans used to be a utility garment. They were made to be worked in and worn everyday. They were produced on narrow shuttle looms which made them hardwearing. People didn’t wash their work jeans, and over time they would look better and better. They would break in, take the shape of the person wearing them, and start to fade in all the right places.
Our denim is gently woven on shuttle looms from the 1960’s. You should wear these jeans everyday and they are best unwashed. By not washing your jeans you’ll get fades in the bits that come under stress and strain. This means no two pairs of jeans will look the same. To clean your jeans you should use the old Finnish method of freezing. Every pair comes in a freeze to clean sailcloth bag so you can keep them in the freezer.”

The Ullac jeans lookbook shots

The Ullac jeans are made in two different styles: straight and slim. The models are simple called: Pattern 001 and Pattern 002. The Pattern 001 is a straight 1940’s fit with a classic cut and straight all down. The leg opening is about 17 inches. The rise isn’t too low, but also not too high (mid rise). The jeans has a button fly and a real leather, hand branded patch.

The Pattern 002 style is more modern style. It has the same mid rise as the Pattern 001, but they’re slightly tapered from the knee. The leg opening is about 14 inches. This style has also a button closure and has also the real leather patch.

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.