How We Recreated Our Favorite Fades At Soorty’s Nasda Lab In Turkey

Together with Thomas Stege Bojer I went to Soorty’s NASDA Lab in Çorlu, Turkey to recreate our favorite pair of worn jeans on the most eco-friendly way. The outcome is a mini-documentary with three episodes.

Episode #1

Episode #2

Episode #3

Bluezone Munich – Wouter Munnichs (Long John)

In this video I’m sharing how I got infected by the blue denim virus during the Bluezone (denim trade show) in Munich.

Inside The Business – Wouter Munnichs (Long John)

I’m sharing my denim story in ‘Inside the business’ by denim mill ISKO.

Denim Days Amsterdam: Wouter Munnichs (Founder Long John)

For the promotion of the Denim Days Festival in 2018 they asked me to share my passion for jeans.

Read more about work as freelance (marketing) denim specialist for the industry here.