What’s Your Favorite? With Ruedi Karrer (Swiss Jeans Freak)

In the topic What’s your favorite?, we ask denim professionals within the industry, or true denim aficionados his, or her, favorites as it comes to denim brand, denim jacket, food, music, store, and so on.

In the previous editions the following persons shared their favorites;

The new edition is with Ruedi Karrer, the legendary Swiss Jeans Freak from Swiss. Ruedi has an impressive denim collection which contains more than 14.000 denim pieces.

This topic is made in collaboration with Denimhunters.

ruedi karrer

Photo by Brian Engblad (@oddhunt) & Denimhunters from the ‘Blue Blooded Portfolio’.

  • Name: Ruedi Karrer (aka Swiss Jeans Freak).
  • Location: Born Sept 8 1959 in Ratitsch, Graubünden where I grew up in the mountains. Living in Zurich since 1980.
  • Profession: Working as a Geographer with Geographical Information Systems about water management for the government of Zurich.
  • Instagram: @swissjeansfreak

What’s your favorite denim brand? 

Too many beside my Swiss Jeans Freak jeans:

3Sixteen, Atelier LaDurance, APC, Benzak, Blaumann, Eatdust, Edwin, Flathead, Grivec,  Ironheart, Lee, Levis, Momotaro, Nudie, Oldblueco, Oni, Pike Brothers, Pure Blue Japan, RGT, Sage, Samurai, Strike Gold, Tellason, Tulp, Wrangler, etc. etc. etc.

Ahhhh, I can‘t choose the best out of it!!!


Myself with Ruedi Karrer and his pair of Swiss Jeans Freak jeans. Read more about it here.

What’s your favorite pair of jeans?

G-Star US Lumber greencast lefthandtwill and Ironheart 25 oz jeans.

What’s your favorite denim jacket?

Storm Rider jacket by Lee jeans.

ruedi karrer

Ruedi Karrer wearing the than new Long John collab Storm Rider jacket. This jacket was released in 2013, it was made in collaboration with Long John, Lee, Joost Bohnen (design artist), and Blendomatic (print company).

ruedi karrer

Ruedi wear the Long John collab jacket after 7 years of wear.

What’s your favorite footwear brand?

Sandals from Lowa with a good profike for hiking.

What’s your favorite retailer?

VMC in Zurich.

What’s your favorite Instagrammer or person in the denim industry?

Long John : ), Robindenim, Denimhunters, Denimbranded, Simon Giuliani from Candiani denim and of course all the hardcore raw denim purists like @kingyuyiu @wizardof32oz @_sleepywizard_ @kan745 @lee_in_denim  @hakankarlstrom and many more!!!

What’s your favorite accessory?

I have not a favorite one.

What’s your favorite food?

Basic Swiss and Italian styled food pasta, rice, vegetables and seldom meat, including a lot of sweet stuff like Swiss chocolate!!

What’s your favorite music?

Okdies, rock pop and the song ‘Jeans on’ from David Dundas, which came out in 1976 as an advertising song for the English denim label Brutus.

What’s your favorite book?

Oh, my last book was about 30 years ago, I have no idea at all.

What’s your favorite quote?

”Stay raw!”

This topic is made in collaboration with Denimhunters. You can jump to their site for more Q&A’s about Ruedi Karrer here.

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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